Anthems Public Demo Begins

I pre-ordered Anthem specifically to get access to the VIP demo last weekend, yet as it turns out I was one of the unfortunate ones that didn’t get to play at all because of problems on the devs end.

Needless to say, I took this as a sign of EA’s continuing fuckery and got my pre-order refunded. This weekend however, I hope that I get to access the public demo so I can at least get my hands on Anthem and form a genuine opinion on the gameplay. I have been excited about Anthem for some time, but I do take anything that EA puts their hands on with a grain of salt nowadays.

I would like to make this a developing article, as I would like to get some gameplay in with Anthem, as well as talk about it’s similarities with Warframe, a free squad based shooter.

Getting Started:

I’ve played a couple of missions now as well as spent some time in the forge customizing my character, and I have to admit that in itself was quite a bit of fun. After starting off with the Ranger class, I finally figured out that you could unlock the other classes as well so I jumped right on the Storm class, and I totally enjoyed making my character look badass. I haven’t tried the Interceptor or Colossus classes yet, but I can say definitively that my opinion as of right now is that the Storm class is significantly more fun than the Ranger class. I do however, look forward to trying out the other classes and see how they alter your play style. So far over the couple of missions I’ve played with it, the Storm javelin has been a blast to hover above the battlefield and rain lightning down on my enemies with visually impressive effects. There have been some technical problems that I’ve noticed with enemies suddenly disappearing as well as getting trapped in some part of the map, which I show in a video I posted earlier on Twitter.

I’ve now completed the missions as well as what I’m assuming would be referred to as the raid although they are called strongholds in-game. I have had the pleasure of playing extensively with all of the javelins and in the end I have to say that the Storm class javelin was my favorite. With that being said however, all of the javelins did feel unique and I enjoyed switching javelins up to enjoy the different play styles. Navigating and combat are definitely two of the biggest pros that I’ve seen in my opinion. Anthem does a good job of putting you in that Iron Man-Esque javelin and making you FEEL like that’s exactly what you’re piloting.

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