Operencia: The Stolen Sun Preview

I like to pay attention to upcoming Game Pass games because it is the main outlet that allows me to play new games. With an ever expanding list of release day Game Pass inclusions, one future entry will be the upcoming Operencia: The Stolen Sun from Zen Studios.

“Much of our development team grew up on classic RPG series like Wizardry, The Bards Tale, and Eye of the Beholder–and we’re just not seeing many games like those these days, especially on console. So not only would creating a CRPG for Xbox One be something we want to play–it would also fill a void,” Zen Studios creative director Chris Baker wrote in a blog post.

Alongside the launch day inclusion on XBox Game Pass, Operencia will join the list of new titles jumping over to the Epic Games Store.

Operencia takes place in the fantastical, titular place. The land of Operencia is referred to in several folktales told in Central Europe, and the game takes the concept of these fictional stories to deliver an expanded universe that incorporates both fantasy creatures and real historical figures. The game is played in first-person and has tile-focused, turn-based combat. For a more challenging experience, you can turn on permadeath mode and/or turn off automapping.

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