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Dead Cells Review

Written by: Justin Reeves

I’ve been intrigued by Dead Cells since its release last year, and to be honest, I’ve been intrigued by the genre in general. Actually, if I’m to be completely honest with you, I’m only vaguely aware of what game mechanics classify a game as a Metroidvania, and I didn’t have the first fucking clue what a “roguelike” was until embarrassingly recently. I mean I played Metroid a couple of decades ago and then I mean I’ve played Spelunky and – look, I don’t need to make excuses. All that really matters is that Dead Cells lives up to every bit of the hype that its received since launch.

Making Videos is Hard.

I mean, I keep fucking torturing myself by getting 30 – 45 minutes in on a run and then just doing something stupid and getting myself killed. Almost, as if I fucking hated myself. The thing is, Dead Cells had me from the very beginning, and since I really am new to the “Rouge-like” genre (or whatever you would call it, and I’m honestly just too lazy to google any proper term for it at the moment It took a couple of deaths and crawling back into my body as a green glob for me to really get what the fuck was going on. When I did see what the fuck was up however, I wanted to be better. I loved that Dead Cells was challenging me, and I really wanted to beast this game. Dead Cells is some of the most addicting fun I’ve had with any game lately, really.

The reason that Dead Cells feels so fresh every time you make a run is that metric shit ton of weapons and equipment that you will discover and have at your disposal. You might run through with a load out of Twin Daggers, a shield and ice and infantry grenades and then next time you could be like “Fuck that, I’m switchin’ it up.” and run with a nutcracker, firebrands, and sinew slicers. It keeps the combat exciting and prevents it from becoming stale. With hundreds of items to discover, there are endless possibilities for different load outs. The combat is challenging and forces you to learn the capabilities of each enemy as you continue into Dead Cells’ world, and as enemies change, you may have to change your tactics, and perhaps even your load out.

I’ve been a sucker for pixel art for a damn good while now, and Dead Cells is an amazing example of mind-blowing pixel art and it’s super interesting how the developers got the unique look of Dead Cells by using a 3D pipeline process as seen in the video below.

Dead Cells is an addictive roguelike that I would go so far as to recommend to everybody, even players who aren’t familiar with the genre. The addictive nature of making run after run finding new weapons and getting a little further each time until you finally reach the end is one of the best experiences I’ve had in gaming recently. On top of that, the new DLC “Rise of the Giants” just dropped on PC and will make it to consoles soon bringing even more content to a game already loaded with it.

For real guys, put Dead Cells on your list of games to pick up, you won’t regret it.

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Dead Cells Review
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Dead Cells brings together the metroidvania and roguelike genres to create an amazing, addictive experience. 

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