Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 Review

Like most triple A titles nowadays in this Orwellian dystopia that we live in, Borderlands 3 had its fair share of controversy surrounding its release. First of all, you had rumors that Randy Pitchford had hauled off and slapped the voice actor for Claptrap, then you had the Epic Store exclusivity, then everybody flipped shit because Randy Pitchford said there would be no microtransactions even though though there will be and so on and so forth. I’m waiting for video game scandals to go full on ID Discovery and include murder for hire and high dollar hookers and the whole nine yards

Let me start of by saying that Borderlands is…well, more Borderlands, and that’s not a bad thing. I would say it’s a better Borderlands, but for me it’s hard to definitively say that the third installment is better than the second, and that’s simply because of the clearly inferior story of Borderlands 3. Let me just go ahead and get this gripe out of the way, Tyreen and Troy, the leaders of the Children of the Vault and antagonists of Borderlands 3 are almost the most annoying characters I’ve ever seen.


The level of humor that the series is known for returns, and does fairly well but doesn’t seem to hit the high points that the previous entries in the series do, although some of my favorite moments in the game came from the hilarious one liners that enemies spout out as they die like “My famous chili recipe dies with me!”

The biggest additions to gameplay in my opinion are the new movement mechanics. You can now slide and climb on top of or over obstacles which makes mobility in Borderlands 3 feel more like a modern FPS like Black Ops. This can make a huge different in firefights, as it offers many new opportunities to get the fuck outta dodge.

After putting more than 40 hours into my Beastmaster and finishing the recent Bloody Harvest Halloween event, I have to say that I can’t wait for more Borderlands 3. The first DLC for the title should be dropping

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Borderlands brings all of lootin’, skag-shootin’ action that you know and love from the series and modernizes the movement system as well as stuffing a billion guns into the game.

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