Fallout 76 Costs More Money to Suck Now

Fallout 76 Costs More Money to Suck Now

As if Bethesda hadn’t completely destroyed their good confidence with their customers, they have now!

The $100 USD annual – or $13 monthly – subscription went live yesterday, and there were two big features at the top of the list: private servers and unlimited storage for your crafting materials. According to a big Reddit breakdown of known issues (via Forbes), neither of them are working how you’d want.

Private worlds are spawning with looted containers and dead NPCs, which has players thinking that these are existing game instances getting retooled as ‘new’ worlds. That’s a bit speculative, but this isn’t: anyone on your friends list can join your ‘private’ server at any time. That’ll be a problem if you’ve got a large friends list, especially since other premium members can theoretically stay in your created server forever.

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