How Fortnite Chapter 2 Pulled Me Back In

How Fortnite Chapter 2 Pulled Me Back In

During the black hole event, I started to seriously wonder if Fortnite would come back or if it had just been some sort of sick social experiment to teach the world the danger about digital entertainment withdrawal or something.

Fortnite had gotten all but stale to me, I started playing early in Season 3 and in my 30 plus years of gaming I had never quite seen anything like the phenomenon that Fortnite became. The season I started was the season of the “meteor” followed by the first in-game event, the rocket launch. My mind was blown, I had never seen any shit like that, a one time in-game event on a live service game, I mean, this shit was nuttier than a squirrel turd. Then as the seasons went on, the events got more over the top, and so did the game…the aspects that originally made me fall in love with Fortnite were all but hidden under the blanket of new weapons, throwables, vehicles and mechanics that had found their way into the game over the course of the past few seasons.

My major complaint for Fortnite was that with a family and a full time time job, I didn’t have alot of time to play…and apparently everybody else did because I couldn’t even have a remotely enjoyable game without somebody spam-building in my fucking face before popping up behind me like a goddamn magic trick before shooting me in the eye. That’s why I had almost all but given up on it until Chapter 2 came along with….

BOTS! I don’t give a shit what anybody’s complaint is about the bots, they were a genius addition. You think I’m having alot more fun with games where I’m racking up 8 kills instead of 1? Hell yeah! I’m not trying to be a pro or anything, I just wanna have a fun game where I kick some ass, and I don’t care whose ass it is, we all know bots are easy af but it’s still just as fun to hit them from 170 meters with a bolt-action sniper. With that being said, I think bots are one of the most needed additions in Chapter 2.

Although I do feel an emptiness inside since the loss of my precious shifty shafts, I’m digging the new map in Chapter 2. It’s welcoming, and I really like the aesthetics of the beachside communities like Craggy Cliffs and Sweaty Sands. A couple of old locations return like Pleasant Park and Salty Springs but unless my squad wants to land at them I hardly go to the older locales (although everybody else still seems to wanna land at Salty Springs, come on guys let’s hit the new shit!). Also, the restructuring of the medal system and the general way that Chapter 2’s gameplay seems more active and colorful just makes Chapter 2 feel more inviting, and I think it feels as it’s more tightly connected to Save the World which also brings up…

Could Save the World be going free-to-play? Save the World is what Fortnite REALLY is, the battle royale mode was tacked on after poor sales to mimic the success of PUBG and maaaaan did it work. I am one of the very few people that own Save the World and sometimes even *gasp, play it. One of the things that hold Save the World back in my opinion is that the game is surprisingly deep and somewhat intimidating to new players, making it hard to spend $20 on since there just doesn’t seem to be alot out there for StW players, but all of that could change if the game goes free-to-play which has been a rumor for over a year but no new updates until…

Perhaps Epic was waiting for the right time to tie the worlds together, and could that mean that this bunker could be what ties these two game worlds together in Chapter 2? Alot of people say no and then talk shit about me cause I got this from an Ali-A video but hey, makes sense to me!

Just like everything else Fortnite related, the opinions on Chapter 2 remain split among the community, but personally, I’m playing more Fortnite than I have sense probably Season 7 and I hope Chapter 2 keeps its momentum.

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I've been gaming for 30 years and even attended Full Sail University's Game Design program, and still work on indie projects but now I'm a husband and father and spend most of my free time as a content creator.

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