Looking to the Community for Help

Looking to the Community for Help

I tried to post this information on a few Reddit boards but it was taken down for “self-promotion”. As if I didn’t feel bad enough already, but here is the information about my situation that I’ve tried to post.

Looking to the community for help 

I hope all of you guys are having a good day!  I’ve been streaming on Mixer for about a year and a half, I never built up many followers but I had a few people that would stop by and say hello and that was worth it to me because with a family and a full time job I just kind of streamed when I could and just did it because I love being involved with the gaming community.  I always said I’d just stream for fun and never ask for donations, but tomorrow I’m going to have an extensive stream to kind of turn to the community for help and I just wanted to let you guys know why. 

In March of 2018 I went to the hospital because I thought I had a kidney stone, they did a CT Scan and didn’t see one, so after another trip back the following week they did an MRI and found out that I had a back injury, my L3 and L4 were herniated and bulged out onto my sciatic nerve causing me a lot of pain.  After care from an orthopedic doctor, it was clear that I needed surgery, but without health insurance my options were limited.  At the time I had Aflac short term disability through my employer so I thought we would be ok while I took time to heal, and my wife was working as well since this was before my son was born.  We didn’t have the money for me to receive any type of treatment but I was able to stay out of work an heal until in September of 2018 I had to go back.  My son was born on September 3rd and I went back the following week.  I put in fiber optic cable for a living and specialize in directional drilling, I’ve spent over 1500 hours on a Ditch Witch JT25 but a lot of my work is still very hard labor.  My doctor said my back wouldn’t make it a week and I returned to work against medical advice. I was playing with fire but I had to go back to support my family, and by this point Pregnancy Medicaid had informed my wife that they didn’t cover post partem depression and quit covering the medications she was taking causing her to have to stop taking them cold turkey, leading to seizures. 

My goal was just to make it long enough until the open enrollment for us to get health coverage but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  I dealt with serious pain since I went back in September of 2018 but just about 6 weeks ago in October I was hit with some unbearable pain, and was losing a lot of the mobility and feeling in my left leg and sometimes my left hand.  I was in a great deal of pain and went to a couple of different hospitals to see if I had done anything new to my back but they refused to give me an MRI without health insurance until I finally went to Novant Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and they put me into an MRI machine for over 2 hours.  I have a compression fracture in my neck with some nerve damage, a herniated T4, and the herniated L3 and L4 both bulging onto my sciatic nerve and it appears they have further damaged the nerve as well.  I obviously haven’t worked in these 6 weeks and immediately went to go apply for Medicaid and emergency assistance but as easy as it seems for these people who just want to abuse the system to get help, it’s extremely difficult for people like me who really need it even though I was the sole income for my family. 

By this point we are completely out of money, we do however have family who have helped as much as they could so we luckily have food and whatnot, and my son, who is 14 months old, has everything he needs.   

The reason I am going to stream to try to raise some money is that we would really like to stay in our house until the end of the year so we can have at least some sort of Christmas here.  This is our home and we have been here around 4 years and it’s just heartbreaking to see something go so fast that I’ve worked so long for.  We only rent a little single wide trailer, but it’s still our home.  The cable and internet will be off in a few days so I wanted to go ahead and do one last stream anyway because I ddint know when the next chance I would have would be.  My wife, my son and myself will go live with other family members if we lose the house so it’s not like we will be homeless but I’m sure you guys can imagine how that makes me feel as a grown man, and I’ve worked for 22 years now, so being stuck at home and having to get my wife to help me around and help me get dressed somedays can be extremely depressing.   

On Sunday, November 17th I’m going to stream from 2pm – 10pm just as a last ditch effort to reach out for some help, so if anybody can help in any way maybe just by helping me spread this around or stopping in to say hello.  If anybody does happen to donate, it will go torwards our basic living expenses to make it until the end of the year.  In the case of some miracle I would have enough to self pay for my first couple of appointments with an orthopedic surgeon to help me get on the road to really getting some treatment.  I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read this, I have enjoyed and been honored to be part of the Mixer community.  I was working on my website at redneckoftech.com to get it open and feature smaller streamers but it doesn’t look like I’ll finish that either because I won’t be able to make that payment this month so I will unfortunately lose that as well.  Below are my links, thank you and godspeed fellas. 

Channel: http://www.mixer.com/redneckoftech 

Donation:  http://www.streamlabs.com/RedneckOfTech2

I really doubt anything will come of this now, but I would just like to thank all of you that took the time to read this. Thank you all so much,

Justin Reeves

I've been gaming for 30 years and even attended Full Sail University's Game Design program, and still work on indie projects but now I'm a husband and father and spend most of my free time as a content creator.

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