Jedi Fallen Order Review

Jedi Fallen Order Review
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I’m a Star Wars fan, and I’m talking about STAR WARS. I was born in 1983 and I had a sci-fi/marijuana fan father and thank God for that, because I know that the original Star Wars trilogy is STAR WARS. That being said, I’m a bit behind. Even though I’ve seen Episodes I-VI, I haven’t seen anything else and it’s mostly because after the fucking Jar Jar Binks trilogy I’m afraid to watch any more, with a legitimate fear that it would ruin my entire fucking childhood.

With that being said, I was almost scared to try Jedi: Fallen Order. Even though I deeply trust Respawn, who somehow took the greediest genre, with the greediest publisher and made something enjoyable and for the most part, honest. (Apex Legends)

With what I assume is a developing condition of adult ADD, it’s almost impossible to keep my focus on anything for more than 30 seconds, so saying that this title grabbed me right by the teeth of my testicles is really saying something, but I immediately felt immersed in the Star Wars universe that I knew and loved. I also think that it’s worth mentioning that I played Jedi: Fallen Order on the same day that I began watching the Mandolorian on the Disney’s streaming service (sucking the Devils dick, I know)

Taking place 5 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, this original story follows Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan who survived the Empire’s deadly Order 66, one of the things that surprised me the most is how the gameplay in Fallen Order is more akin to Tomb Raider than Dark Souls which I keep hearing the comparisons for. Fallen Order actually has a huge amount of tomb raiding, with plenty of puzzles to solve that are totally reminiscent of Lara Crofts adventures, and that’s not a bad thing. The exploration of many of the areas create alot of backtracking, which sometimes became a little aggravating for me but eventually became more rewarding as you find secret chests and whatnot that allow you to upgrade Cals skills as well as his look. Now, I’m the kind of gamer that really doesn’t give a shit what color poncho I’m wearing, so I got a little bit ill when I ran around an area trying to find the next path only to end up back where I started. Even with the holomap, I found traversal to be difficult sometimes. Now, in the later worlds, exploration becomes more of a pleasure than a chore, and I do have to say that there were many moments where the sprawling vistas were breathtaking.

The combat in Jedi Fallen Order is the tightest and most extensive that I have seen in a Star Wars title. For the first time, using a lightsaber in combat FEELS like using a lightsaber in combat. The Sekiro approach to the system actually fits extremely well, and makes for exciting confrontations that are welcome among the constant exploration and puzzle solving. Crowd control can become a bit overwhelming, especially with numerous melee based enemies because parrying numerous enemies quickly turns into a clusterfuck casserole that you didn’t order. As you continue to unlock more force powers however, dealing with numerous enemies simultaneously becomes not only more manageable, but more enjoyable as well. Using force push to throw enemies off of ledges will become one of your most useful moves in the game, I guarantee it.

Meet BD-1, a cute welcome comrade throughout your journey.

The force powers that you acquire throughout the game are useful and also a welcome addition to combat situations, but they definitely never make you feel overpowered. Hell, to be completely honest, I felt that the force powers Cal wields are quite weak. You feel a bit more powerful when you upgrade your force push and pull to deal with numerous enemies, but you never feel like a total badass Jedi. Unless you put it on story mode. Yes I tried it, and of course it is super easy, but it makes you FEEL like a total unstoppable Jedi wizard master motherfucker.

I’m playing on a first generation Xbox One, so it’s expected that I run into a few hiccups here and there but my playthrough of Jedi: Fallen Order was plagued with bugs, glitches, and game crashes. There were CONSTANT game freezes while it (I assume) loaded an area, but this would happen at the oddest times, like in the middle of a jump.

Jedi: Fallen Order has some problems, the technical ones could become glaring at times, and like I mentioned before, there were times when traversal of some of the maze-like worlds could become daunting. With that being said however, Fallen Order is a title RIGHTLY deserving of the Star Wars name. Cal’s story is engrossing and deeply rooted in the Star Wars universe, the environments are immersive and true to the universe, the enemies are believable and challenging and the combat is deep and rewarding. I also can’t help but to be surprised that there is an EA published single player title that isn’t somehow marred by 50 gallon drums of microtransactions. I would recommend Jedi: Fallen Order to any Star Wars fan, and to any fan of the genre. It’s a far leap from the SW gaff we’ve seen in recent times.

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I thought for sure EA would find some way to royally fuck up Jedi: Fallen Order.  However, the game managed to somehow escape the greasy, penis-shaped tentacles of the executives at EA and turned out to be the best Star Wars experience we’ve had in a while. 

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  1. I find so much amusement out of the “non traditional” ways you write reviews theyre fucking great im not sure if id have more fun reading the review or actually playing the game. great read bro may actually give this a shot. and by the the way I too am using the Disney streaming service or as I think you referred to it as sucking the devils dick lmfao

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