Fortnite Save the World Review (2019)

Fortnite Save the World Review (2019)
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It seems sometimes that literally nobody knows what Fortnite really is. Fortnite wasn’t originally the worldwide battle royale phenomenon that we all know and love now. The battle royale mode was actually tacked on as a free game mode piggybacking off of the explosive success of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but the original game is a squad based shooter known as Fortnite Save the World.

The REAL OG Fortnite

I’ve thought many a times, “Why isn’t Save the World more popular?” and I now I honestly think I know what it is. On top of the fact that you actually have to pay for this iteration of Fortnite, the game mechanics and systems that you find within the game are actually extremely deep and in fact are pretty goddamn intimidating. Honestly, I still don’t really get alot of the mechanics of the game, I mean, there is SO MUCH. There is an endless supply of weapons that you obtain through an extensive crafting system. You ever see a weapon in battle royale? Chances are you could see it in Save the World long before. That’s where the payoff for learning and dealing with the convoluted crafting system lies, with the absolute metric fucktons of weapons and items you can create. One of Save the World‘s biggest draws is the huge selection of tools you have at your disposal.

There is ALOT to manage…

Heroes are like skins, only they all offer their own unique skills and bonuses. Sort of like operators in other squad based shooters. You can use V-Bucks for some but alot of them are included with free llamas or event currency which can be obtained by completing missions and dungeons during an event. Right now I’m trying to get enough gold to buy the Crackshot hero just because he looks tight af and I don’t have any holiday skins or heroes, but I’ve got shittons of Halloween ones. The flexibility and diversity in Save the World’s hero support system rewarding to take the time to understand it. You can match any class with any weapon type. You can improve your movement speed or enhance other abilities. Shitty skills become useable with the right enhancements, good skills become great, and hero bonuses can make each build totally unique. Each hero has unique abilities that they can perform, for instance the constructor brings out a makeshift shield and runs through a group of zombies smashing them between his shield and whatever he smashes into. There are endless possibilities of loadouts to created with abilities, gadgets and weapons.

Even though the crafting, abilities, defenders, expeditions, squads, and all of the other mechanical aspects of Save the World seem like they can be a bit much, it’s because they are! I know that I’m going to put the necessary time into Save the World to learn about all of the intricate game systems that lie beneath the surface, but I can definitely see why casual players wouldn’t want to get into this game because it can just seem like a clusterfuck casserole at first when you’re having all of these different mechanics of the game thrown at you at first. Also, just because you like Fortnite Battle Royale does not mean that you will like StW. These are 2 totally different games, Save the World is focused entirely on cooperation and is more akin to other squad based shooters and horde modes. The only similarities you’ll see here are the visuals.

That’s a lot of shit

Speaking of the visuals, Save the World really kind of gets a leg up on battle royale. With NPC’s, dungeons, a variety of different enemies onscreen at once, and some different settings, this mode can look a lot busier and more impressive that battle royale. You will see so much here that you wouldn’t see in battle royale like bosses, different enemies, tons of different weapons and traps including the different effects of each of these. On top of this is the huge group of differently player models used for the heroes which all look varied and great with Fortnite’s cartoony aesthetic There are quite a few different areas of StW

Statista reports a huge growth in the number of players in Save the World from August 2017 to March 2019, all the way up to 250 million. I very rarely had trouble finding a game, although often it would take anywhere from 3-7 minutes to find full squad of 4 people to play a mission with. Just like with battle royale, Save the World is constantly updated with new content and Fortnite‘s transition over to Chapter 2 was no different. The new season starts off with a new dungeon and it also adds a snowy area to the map to go along with the Christmas update (of course).

The thing about Save the World is that aside from the super intimidating crafting and strategy mechanics, the actual gameplay is off the fucking chain. The gameplay here is definitely focused on base building and aside from having thousands more weapons than battle royale, there are an unbelievable number of traps including gas traps, wall spikes, electro traps, and a shitload more. If you can begin to wrap your head around the crafting system (I’ve linked to an introduction video below) the amount of tools at your disposal could be damn near infinite. Just like any other squad based shooters, as you level up you will unlock higher level dungeons and areas, opening up higher level bosses and loot as well. Save the World has all of the positive and charming things from other games in the genre, but it’s just so dragged down by the convoluted crafting and strategy components. Which really sucks because the actual gameplay is really alot of fun, and it feels so familiar, but a lot different if you’re used to playing battle royale. I think so many more people would become huge fans if the game were just a little bit more accessible.

Save the World is listed for $19.99 on the Epic Store, the Microsoft Store, and the Playstation Store. Not only is it pretty cheap, it’s not hard to get your moneys worth out of StW, if nothing else, you get additional V-Bucks throughout your progression, and those can obviously be used in battle royale as well. However, I can’t recommend Save the World to everybody. Like I mentioned before, this title has some systems that are much deeper than you would think and this may be a problem for more casual gamers. Sure, you can just hop on and play a couple of rounds and do some dungeons but to get the most out of every other experience, you’re going to have to put the time in to learn the crafting and survivor management systems. With that being said, if you’re willing to put the time into it, Save the World is honestly one of the most rewarding and solid squad shooters out there. There have also been rumors that Save the World may go free to play at some point. I think that they will at some point tie directly in to battle royale at the same time the game goes free to play, but until then if you’re into co-op squad shooters and you are willing to put the time in, Fortnite: Save the World is definitely worth trying for $19.99.

I Give it a...
  • Fortnite Save the World (2019)


Save the World has all of the positive and charming things from other games in the genre, but it’s just so dragged down by the convoluted crafting and strategy components.


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