Diablo Immortal or Whatever

Game developers being out of touch with their fans is seemingly a trend this year both with Bethesda putting their metaphorical dick in the mashed potatoes as well as Blizzard forgetting who they were surrounded by at Blizzcon 2018.  The resulting fury over Diablo Immortal’s announcement was well warranted as it’s been dually noted now that the core base of fans for the Diablo IP don’t give a shit about the mobile platform.  However, all bullshit aside, I thought we would take a look at Diablo Immortal as well as the title it’s supposedly skinned from.

“A mobile phone today is like a supercomputer from years ago,” says Wyatt Cheng, lead game designer, “We have these supercomputers in our pocket, but people approach mobile games with a certain set of assumptions.  I want to challenge those assumptions.  There is no reason you can’t play a great game on your mobile device.  Our goal is to bring an authentic Diablo experience to the supercomputers in our pocket.

I think that you could make a mobile game with the Diablo name that was fun, yes, but what I don’t think these fellas get is that the Diablo legacy remains so soulfully connected to the PC experience, there’s no question that’s where it should stay.  I mean, there’s no question that phones are capable of some crazy shit, but it just can’t come close to reproducing the gaming experience from PC or even console for that matter.

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