Fallout 76…Umm…Fallout?

As I’ve said before the theme for the gaming industry seems to be how out of touch these multi-billion dollar developers are with their fans, with most of the weight falling on Bethesda, not only because of what a broken mess fans saw Fallout 76 to be upon release but how they handled things like the canvas bag being switched for the shitty nylon one in the legendary edition, it’s not a big deal about the shit, the big deal is about Bethesda’s attitude toward the whole thing.

As far as Fallout 76 as a game, I continue to see it being defended on Reddit and Twitter, and all I have to say is that I am genuinely happy that some people are having fun with this game.  I mean what kind of dicks are we to be mad that other people are enjoying something?  I mean, the game is out there, it’s a Fallout release, at least there are some people who get to have legit fun with it, kudos.

On the other hand, many PC users have experienced problems from irritating to game-breaking and many high-end PC owners to still straight up not be able to play the game.  Bethesda offered refunds for a short time, then got shady about it.

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